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Welcome to the Iowa Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers website. We are a community, over 900 strong, of like-minded individuals passionate about the field of Civil Engineering and determined to make the world around us a better place through our service. If you are a member, we hope this website will serve as a hub to access Section information and events. If you are not a member and would like to join, please contact us.

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Iowa Project Showcase

Outlets of Des Moines

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National ASCE has recently instituted a special program in which Sections can receive an allocation from webinar proceeds if the webinar registrant enters a specific code during the checkout process. If this code is entered, the Section will receive 20% of the gross revenue generated from sales of ASCE webinars to members whose address of record is in the Section. Just follow the links below when registering for a webinar and help our Section! (Live Webinars)

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2023 Report Card for Iowa's



The Iowa Section of ASCE released a the first state-wide report card on February 24, 2015. The goal of the Iowa Infrastructure Report Card is to bring tangible awareness to our current state of infrastructure and develop a plan of action for improvement.


The 2023 Report Card for Iowa's Infrastructure was released on April 11, 2023. Click on the link below to view the full report!

Pages from 2023-0321-ASCE Report Card 2022.png
Pages from ASCE Brochure - 2023 3212023 (002).png
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